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Far Beyond Battle Cry


I stare into the mirror
All I see is a warrior
How could this be when am unarmed, powerless and softhearted.
Need not to be strong and mean, wicked and melancholic
Should I be worried about my conscience and what pain people feel.
Tell me why is my own inner mind different.
Couldn’t I just be hated and tag strong because I am a worrier
*Probably I think I should quit*
Or I change the perspective of a warrior quality.
I need not be mean,cruel and wicked
Protection is the utmost priority of a warrior
What would I be called…a soft warrior?
Take me as I am,for need not be broken in piece before I could earn my tittle
My obligation is clear to me
And my attitude doesn’t define my yarn for what I have become.

We were once a slave,
Once a white men in African skin,
Tortured and bruised,
But yet we won our independent,
The victory was sempiternal… *so we thought.*

A black man with a black blood,
Leadership streaming within to corrupt,
We becoming a problem of our selves,
Colonizing our own mind.

Welcome to my country where security is on leave,
Social service epileptic,
Public looting a business,
Promises to unprecision,

*In my own battle dress I wage war of transformation.*
Countless battles cry to be won,
We sacrifice a daily bread for the future of generations to come…OH BRIBERY.
*Our unfinished fight yarn for victory*

*Eze Michelle ✍️*

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