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Faded Memories


Time has stolen you from me,

Life has taken back what it gave me.

Age has put you in the grave,

It has put you in a cave.

It has locked you up in a cage,
Like an animal and has thrown the key into the mid-sea with rage,
Well, permit me to speak with sage,
Because all I see is a blank page.

Right there in the dark I dwell,
Seated lonely at the bottom of the well,
In my rottenness I swell,
Because life has made me smell.

I have been kept in the dark,
Rejected by my own,
Like sea water washing footprints off the shore,
I have been taken and dumped into the trash.

Like laws of old, I have been forgotten,
Pushed aside by all,
Abandoned, deserted, forsaken, insulted,
I have been kept in a cell to gradually rot,
To be forgotten and left behind just like time.

Ruth Monet.❤️❤️

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