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Do you know there’s a Yoruba town in USA? See how they dress.

Remember the era of slave trade in Africa? When the whites bought Africans and took them abroad as slaves. Little did they know that some of them wouldn’t forget their culture and tradition even in a strange land.

Amongst the slaves were Yorubas who passed their culture to their offsprings, who also did same and it went from generation to generation. As the generations progressed, some of their children married children of their earlier masters, making a cross, a mixed blood.

With time, a Yoruba town was founded in 1970 by His Royal Highness, Oba Waja Ofuntola Adelabu Adefunmi who was born on October 5, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan.

This town is called Oyotunji African Village. Oyotunji means Oyo rises again or Oyo returns. It is located near Sheldon, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

It has managed to survive and maintain the Yoruba traditional and cultural values for about 50 years now.
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