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Different types of Women, you can see in bed (Number 4 will make you laff)⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.

*Different types of Women, you can see in bed.*

*_1._* *The ones that will be shouting harder harder but if you ask them to climb, they will ride for 40 secs, come down and be breathing heavily.*

*They think it’s easy.*


*_2._* *The ones that will start feeeling bad about the whole thing and be like: finally, you have gotten what you want, hope you are happy now.*
*Babe, am overjoyed ooooo*

*_3._* *The ones that wants it, but they don’t know how to ask for it. Some will be like ‘be there and be pressing your phone, once it’s 4.30 am leaving ooooooo’*

_*4.*_ *The ones that will watch you remove their top, remove their trousers, and as you are about to draw their pant, they will be like; wait, what are you trying to do? My sister, I want to wash it, mtcheww.*

*_5._* *The ones that you didn’t toast before now. So after sex they will be like, so what are we now.*
*My sister, we are children of God.*

*_6._* *The ones that once you guys start kissing, they will use their hands to weigh the size of the cassava as to prepare their mind on what they are about to take in.*
*You see them breathing heavily when the cassava is big.*



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