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Different category of people your bound to meet in life…No 4 will shock you..


1. *Ladies that just got married*. They will be flaunting their wedding ring as if it is Nigerian flag.

2. *People that sit by the window in a bus.* They will be looking at those of us trekking as if we were orphans.

3. *Those that serve food at weddings and other occasions*. They will doing as if no be us make the occasion get meaning. If we no gree come nko 🤷‍♀️

4. *Whatsapp/Facebook group  Admins.* Any small disagreement, they will threaten to remove you as if the group is the *Book of Life*

5. *Church urshers*. They will be acting as if they are the biological children of God and the rest of us were adopted.

6. *Those that have their siblings sharing food at occasions*
They will just stand up and walk majestically to the place as if they bought the food themselves.

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