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By onowu Jimmy swagger
Chapter 4
Jack: Girls will use 100 hours to make themselves up ah it’s okay oo let’s go,the time is already far spent (Addressing Sophia who was dressing up inside in preparation for the invitation from Jim their friend).

Sophia: Aba!! jackie (she is fond of calling him that instead of jack), atleast won’t you allow me look good for my baby (making reference to Alfred in a stylish manner).

After few minutes,they were all done and heading towards the main road while Alfred was waving down the nearest keke……

Alfred: Afa my guy (addressing the keke man) abeg we dey go osobosa street after sambisa inuedu close to that round about for fugar garage….how much for drop?

The keke man said #700 and jack started shouting at him…..wetin be #700 abi na ontop our head you wan buy Benz….we go give you #250, he proposed but the keke man said #600. Alfred who was just picturing so many things on his mind trying to imagine what he will do if he eventually makes money spoke…..see make we no talk too much,we go give you #350,he equally proposed but the stubborn keke man said he will take #500 last from them. Jack was about waving him off to call another keke man when Sophia volunteered to pay…..both men were shocked and surprised at thesame time but that’s life for them, they entered after a little hesitation and off they went.
After about 28 minutes ride, they finally got to the place….jack, brought out his phone and dialed Jim’s number…. At first it said the number was busy then later it said he was on another call…this got jack upset and start murmuring (only to himself cus the weather was so hot and they needed to leave the hot sun)…..just at that moment, Jim’s call came in,he picked almost immediately……

Jack: Hello!!

Jim: My man, no vex abeg you know business here and there….una don reach that place?

Jack: Yes bro, about 5minutes ago self.

Jim: Okay, no wahala just they waka come down, you go see one side post wey them write…..”King of the boys dwatete street “….enter it and come down straight, my boy is waiting for you at the gate.

Jack: Ah no wahala bro, you too much….(after the call ended,he beckoned on Alfred and Sophia)….let’s go guys, I think I know the description of the place now.

Alfred: Bayawa na let’s go….(he hold his girlfriend’s hand while they walked alongside jack who seemed focused on where he was going).

As they approached, the boy sent to pick them sighted them from afar and was calculating deeply asif he already knew they were the one… they got closer the boy pointed at them in a questionable manner not knowing who exactly bears the name he wants to address them with but he still did anyways ” Jack right?”….Jack answered and said yes…is this the house Jim and his friends are living (he asked the boy who noded and said yes)…..Oh my goodness (Alfred exclaimed)…. They were so amazed at how the whole place looked like especially when they entered.

It was a duplex which consists of 4 bedroom flat, it has great interior design, the painting were extremely beautiful, the garage which 6 different Benz occupied was another big thing to talk about, flowers well round….a very magnificent structure with a huge gate befitting the King of zamuza in ivory coast… that point, Jim came out and saw them looking round like lost sheeps, he smiled,ushering them in…..
Believe me they got more shocked on sighting the golden platelets, expensive furnitures (Which they later got to know were imported from Spain)….the floor, the 67’38 inches plasma tv hanging on the wall, the dinning hall so big and elaborate, the rooms not left out with good beddings, each room with it’s own stuffs vice versa…mere looking at everything, one will easily conclude that millions of naira was spent to put everything in place….little wonder, they have so much money to through around….after feeding their eyes enough, Jim cleared his throat to speak.

Jim: Welcome to our little aboard my friends, it’s really being a long time and am happy to see you guys again (he said while offering a handshake which they took without hesitation before they finally sat down).

Alfred: my man you guys are swimming in money, men! Never in my wildest dream did I ever think you Guys will be this rich…..see money chai but wait o Jim, did you Guys rent this place or you built it yourself (he asked waiting anxiously for a response)…?

Jim: Ahahahaha you will never change eh (he said jokingly), well’ this is one of the houses we bought recently to chill out in whenever we come around, though others aren’t in town now….I even rushed down yesterday to pick some stuff and will be heading back to join my Guys in Germany next tomorrow….(he concluded)….

Jack: (who was dazed with all he just heard which sounded like a dream to him shouted aloud asif hit by a hard rock because he couldn’t believe the poor and wretched Jim of yesterday who fed from hand to mouth is actually the one speaking) holy blood of Zechariah, you say whaaaaaaaaaaattttt…..before he could finish his statement, the door flew opened……to be continue in next Chapter…..
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