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Diary of a yahoo boy
By Angeles Alicia
(Mama Ejiro’s house)

Alfred and Jack finally arrived at mama Ejiro’s house after twenty minutes of trekking under the scorching sun.
“Knock! Knock! Here”, said Jack
“Na who be that ooo… ” replied Mama Ejiro from the backyard
“it’s me jack”
Mama Ejiro came outside and greeted the two friends smiling.
“Jack my pikin, you don come collect your money?”
Jack who was kind of nervous replied ” yes ma”
Mama Ejiro untied the ends of her wrapper and removed one thousand naira note and handed over to Jack.

Alfred who was resting on one of the pillars of the house looked at Jack and then at mama Ejiro and then back at Jack again.
Clearly the both of them were puzzled…
” Mama Ejiro, we agreed on two thousand, five hundred. Why you dey give me one thousand Abi na one thousand naira work I do for you yesterday?” said Jack harshly.
Mama Ejiro bursted into laughter and said callously ” you no even happy say I dey give you money at all? You carry your two weeks T-shirt and three quarter come meet me de drag two five. When last you see two five?”
Alfred who had been quiet finally spoke up.
” Haba mama Ejiro, this thing no good oo, you no suppose cheat am like this Na. That your land too wide na”
Mama Ejiro didn’t reply him, she just hissed and went back to the backyard to finish up her work.
While going she threw the money at Jack.
Jack just hissed and walked away but his best friend Alfred picked the money up for him and walked behind him.

Alfred’s house…..

” God, what kind of life is this? No hope for anything? Not even our daily bread? God is this how we will end up without tasting wealth?” Alfred thought while he sat on his bed staring at his friend who was also in deep thoughts.
” Jacko” called Alfred to Jack using his favourite nickname for him
” wetin?” replied jack
” Don’t worry, all will be well I strongly believe so”
Jack was about to respond when Alfred’s phone rang. It was Jim their friend calling:
“Hello, he said when he picked”
” Bro Watsup na?” greeted jim
” Ah Jim my guy I de oo, are you back in town?”
” Yes and I want to see you. Can u come over to Joy hotel by 5 pm?”
” yes bro I can, but hope no problem?” Alfred asked with worry laced in his tone
“Not really, just wanna hang out, been long and when coming, come along with Sophia, Annabel and Jack. I want to discuss something with you two and treat the ladies well” said Jim
“OK bro. Will be there, I’ll inform them. Thank you and see you later.” and he hung up the phone
” why does Jim want to see us?”inquired jack
” Because he’s our friend. Now go home and get dressed. We’re going to have fun later. E Don tey way I drink wine sef” Alfred winked at his friend.
Jack had a bad feeling about their meeting with Jim but he remained silent and awaited what was to come…….

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