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Written by lady Ivory.
when He left the house, Sophia’s best friend Annabelle came visiting,she knocked and Sophia opened the door when she saw her,She was so happy and welcomed her in….Sophia served both Annabelle and herself lunch, when they where eating’ Annabelle’s mind wasn’t there because she was lost in thought.

what she was thinking was so disturbing to the extent that she have to let it out so she asked Sophia, babe the form for our masters we applied for is out and you didn’t even call me….Don’t tell me you collected your form without me (she said questionably,looking directly at sophia expecting an answer), Sophia whom Annabelle was talking didn’t say a single word like she didn’t even hear her speak.

Annabelle was like woo hope is not what am thinking, you didn’t even save for yourself haaa Love, all In the name of love hmmm and with the way am seeing it you might die of hungry and regret but thank goodness you have me as your best friend,I will talk that love out of you. I think I will have to call your parents and tell them that you are spending their money on a full grown man, do you even save anything at all. Finally the unspeakable’ spoke for the first time, with all her friends, Sophia hide all her feelings but when it comes to her best friend she let out all her worries…they’ve been friends way back, they do everything together and never miss attending same school so this won’t be the beginning of it, she said he will make it, I belive he will am just giving him money now,though he promised to pay double when he gets his own’ it just a matter of time, but that which Sophia was seeking for wasn’t on her side(time) for the form won’t be available forever.

Annabelle continued…. It’s time to change things backward…you know exactly what good for you, you better save up or you and your future will go bankrupt….get something nice doing Incase he makes it and live you’ so you won’t be all perish at least you can have something doing before he makes it,maybe then just maybe you can support him’ that’s if he makes it and abandons you for some classic babe because the way you are looking, it’s like you have to cover all your mirrors because you really don’t want to see yourself right now…she pet Sophia and told her to do the right thing for her and her future.

Sophia replied and said she will think about it, Annabelle stood up to take her leave, off she went.
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