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Chapter 1.
Alfred: Mtcheewww no garri in this bucket again self ah God what kind of life is this….(Alfred in a sad mood talking to himself and lamenting about his present condition).

He continued in pidgin……poverty na really bastard aswear, see as Francis just they throway money anyhow like say na water. Even Geoffrey of yesterday wey be say na me dey give am money buy soap don blow they drive the latest G-class 2014 model kai but eh wetin these boys do wey make them blow withing this short period of time self abi them go do ritual…(he ended his statement without asking anyone in particular, just then his childhood friend entered).

Jack: sup bro (they shook hands), what are you thinking, you were so lost in thought to the extent that I knocked and knocked but no one answered, I even thought no one was in, if not that I discovered the door wasn’t locked from the front of which I decided to push and enter.

Alfred: Sigh….Hmmmmm, bro’ I don’t just understand this life (he said almost absent mindedly).

Jack: understand life asin how?

Alfred: jack, look at our mates, see Jim, Samuel,Geoffrey, Francis and even Paul, meh they are all made….painting the whole town red spending so much money, driving big big cars, carrying all manner of girls. But look at us now, see us, we barely feed, no good clothes to wear, shame can’t allow us walk freely anymore like prisoners being held captive.

Jack: My guy, truthly speaking I actually share same view with you. Sometimes I begin to question God if he is biased in his dealings for allowing some people to be born rich while others are born poor but in the other way round I still console myself because when I thought about some persons like those our friends you just mentioned, I realise they were poorer than us,still they were able to make it,so I believe we will make it too!!

Alfred: But when would that be because me am tired.

Jack: Soon bro, soon….but wait o, come to think of it, are you actually complaining?

Alfred: How do you mean if am complaining, why won’t I complain?

Jack: I mean yours is better, you have a girl who loves, supports and cherish you, she turn other boys proposal down just because of you. Most of the time you even feed upto 3 times a day and she equally sends some money to your parents on your behalf from the little salary she’s earning’ unlike me…..girlfriend I don’t have, parents I don’t have, my uncle is still making things unbearable for me in that house.

Alfred: So what are you now saying?

Jack: what am saying, is that’ I should be the one complaining not you….abeg, wear clothes and escort me to mama ejiros house to collect that money she owe me for the land I cleared for her!!

Alfred: Nawa o, oya na let me put on my shirt (After like two minutes he was done and off they went)….!!
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