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It has come to our understanding that almost all the women prefer using hot water to bath than cold water.

Not minding the dangers
attached to it.

In one way or the other, bathing with hot water can sometimes cause damage to our health, especially to the women.

We should take note of the consequences of it, before doing it.

I will be explaining to us the danger of bathing with cold water

Let take note of this vital information.

1. As a woman pouring hot water on your hair can damage your roots which in turn result to excessive hair loss and bald head.

2. As a woman bathing with hot water can affect your ability to bring forth children…

we should ensure we make use of cold water regularly and not hot water.

3. As a woman we should know that when we make use of hot water to bath our skin is likely to wrinkle and age faster.

We should try taking a cold bath to avoid any kind of skin reaction..

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