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Classes of love and reasons for heartbreaks.

*In this context, I’m going to talk about love and its classes….yeah, there are types of love and of course there are classes of love, love has three (3) major sets or classes,but the problem is’ some tend to mistake one for another,that’s what am gonna elaborate below.

*Most times two people might get involved, one of them maybe having a first class love for the other while the other might be having a second class or even a third class love for the latter….so when any of them discovers the other isn’t meeting up to expectations as they wants them to, they feel cheated and disappointed, because the equation isn’t balance…it ought to be equal not one sided.


This which is also known as top or real love is the kind of love that barely exists because it’s very rare to come by i.e in first class love there is nothing like heartbreak, expiration, limit e.t.c this kind of love is the love Christ has for us which was the reason he sacrificed his life for humanity, you may say because Jesus is God, the shocking thing is that humans like you and I also practiced it though it’s very very rare like I stated earlier on e.g Couples, Rulers like kings, queens, Fathers to children,wife to husband/wife to children etcetera where a person is ready to sacrifice his/her life to make others live,happy. It gives them joy and utmost satisfaction when others are okay. This love has no end.


This is also referred to as the middle love, though it’s also kinda rare but practiced by many, unlike first this sets of people may not be ready to sacrifice everything nor die due to their likeness for material things, but they really do love you and meant it from their heart (there is a saying that you sacrifice everything for the one you love but in this case it’s lot different)….they are ready to do anything to make you happy, but not to the extent of ruining their own happiness. This love is practiced by most couples and doesn’t expires but instead it keeps growing as time goes by, in some cases it grows to the extent of developing into first class love (remember people do change). Dating partners practice it too.


This is rampart among youngsters, because it neither requires much sacrifice nor last long. In our present world today the process of being emotionally attachment s termed “boyfriend & girlfriends who practice it so well, they just fall in love for a while and do whatever pleases them to be happy, like dating for a period of time, go outing, buy each other things,spends money here and there, do all sorts of stuffs including having sex, romance and all. Then when they get tired, they quit the relationship by breaking up especially when someone better comes across them, they dump their present date/lover in pursuit of that new person just to get what they want…..This set of people doesn’t care much about love, emotional trauma,feelings e.t.c they don’t care if the latter gets hurt.

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