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Born without privileges of any kind
All day working hard to save what’s mine
No one to toil the mine
Pain and exhaustion filled the brim
All I can do is trim

Born in a manger
All my life a manager
Tasted once a life of luxury
Or maybe in my dreams
Became a carpenter
Hung on the cross
A life of hardship

A mother’s curse
A child born of sorrow
Hardship from the onset
No joy from sunrise to sunset
Even my name connotes and denotes
Hardship not of my cause

A life in slavery
Born in slavery
Will die in slavery
Like my fathers before me
No freedom in sight
Its enough for me to wake up
Cos even that is freedom in a cup

I am you
You are me
Born with a plastic spoon
Or with a wooden spoon
Happy enough to be born at all
Grateful for life
Striving for more
Doing most
Receiving less..

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