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Best FAVOURite JoKE Of tHe DAy.


Police: Paaarrk! Wey ur particulars?

Me: Here they are.

Police: They are incomplete.

Me: Check them well, they are complete

Police: Do you want to teach me my work? By the way where you dey come from by this time of the night?

Me: I go burial

Police: Who die?

Me: Na one Policeman

Police: Wetin kill am?

Me: He collect juju money from one driver for check point and him hand come swell he come die.

Police: Na your friend?

Me: No

Police: 😘 Your relation?

Me: No

Police: Wetin you come go do for the burial?

Me: I go remove the money from the dead man hand.

Police: Wetin concern you for the matter

Me: Na me be the native doctor wey do the juju

*(The policeman was staring at me now)*

Me: Oga police, I beg I don tire, make I find you something make u let me dey go.

Police: Police is your friend, we no dey collect bribe again. Have a nice day.

Me: Thank you same to you.
-You will have every reason to laugh in this month of December…