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Bed Of Lies- Episode 21 &22






Episode 21

😰 Austin 😰

I was the happiest guy on earth, now I see what mom was trying to tell me, she really do love me.

We got inside her building, first of all dried ourselves up cause we were soaked in the rain.

She made hot tea for us to drink cause it was really cold.

She wanted to apologise but I stopped her, then I asked her,. How is your health Cherry ?

” Am fine now you are here”

I was so worried, then I hugged her again and kissed her.

” I really want to be in your life,I was stupid letting you go, please forgive me”

Am no more angry with you okay

” I never did this Intentionally, Mark made me do it”

I don’t understand , what do you mean?

” I need to tell you everything so we can fight for our love”

I was so happy gradually she wants to open up to me.

Baby am all ears..

” My relationship with Mark is based on a contract. My father and his father had a deal worth thrillons of dollars,but the only way it can be sealed will be when I get married to Mark”

Now I understand everything, she is forced to marry Mark.

” I wasn’t Forced at the beginning,I thought I loved him but I later realized I have reasons for loving him but when I met you, I never had a reason to love you, I just love you unconditionally. He informed my dad we are having issues and my dad wants me and him to get back, be found out about us and threaten to tell dad and took your mom, I had no choice than to agree.”

Oh Cherry, you should have told me everything, I love you okay

” You don’t understand, your life is at risk,I brought trouble to your life “

You never did okay, your brought true love and happiness okay

” Thanks dear, but my dad must not find out, if he does, he might kill you and i am scared,I don’t want harm to come to you”

Don’t worry nothing bad will happen to me, I will be here to protect you always.

” I really love you, am having kidney issues but am very okay now”

What, why did you hide your health status from me

” Let’s talk about us, am perfectly okay now. How is your mother ?”

She is fine, she travelled back to New York to assist her sister

” That’s lovely of her,so guess someone’s home will be so boring and lonely for him”.

Yes it will but when I have you,I will never be lonely.

She blushed at the statement.


How could she ?
She damn left me for him, this is not happening, Cherry is mine forever and no one not even a pauper can divide us.

She is my woman, I think it’s about time we kill that pauper of a guy,she will just mourn him for something and get over him, move on with her life and come back to me.

I will tell her father everything.

Cherry comes from a well respected and wealthy home,her father will never allow his daughter to marry a low life.


“What do you mean my daughter dump you for another”

At first I never wanted to inform you,I forgive her even when I know she was seeing him,it was because of him she passed out and her health condition got worst.

Now she has gone back to him, he will bring harm to your daughter,his a pauper and want to use Cherry to get money from her to satisfy his selfish desire.

” How can my daughter stood so low to date a pauper,a no body”

If you doubt me, look at the pictures

” No way, ni daughter of mine will stood so low to date or marry a low life, am sorry about this Mark,I believe my daughter is ignorant of what she is doing, I will handle this case,she will surely come to you and the contract will then be sealed. I can’t believe Cherry will disrespect me her father, is she even thinking about what the world will say ? What if those bloggers gets such a picture,she wants to ruin our family name because of a no body,I won’t let that happen”

Thank you so much ,I really mean well for her cause I love her so much and I will be ready to wait till she comes back to me.

Now pauper say good bye to Cherry for good..

☺️ Cherry🤭

I was happy I eventually told him everything except for my health,I lied that am okay now but it has gotten worst.

Mark called me saying he will wait for me, that he knows I will return back.

In his stupid dreams. I have found my happiness and nothing will ever make me leave Austin..

I got my shape back and was more happier even at work.

I know people will be waiting for a public engagement and then a top wedding from Mark and I ,but that won’t even happen.


Cherry informed me she won’t be able to come to the pub tonight,she has some night scenes she needs to act this night for the film contract she took.

I know definitely she will come around tomorrow.

I finished singing at the pub,but I haven’t even lay my eyes on the teenage girl, well maybe she loves been the one to find me.

I left the pub walking home when I heard some footsteps behind me.

Am I been followed or are they here steal my phone and money?

After I took a few more steps, I turned around and they were all on mask covering their faces.

Who are you all ? And why are you following me ?

The next I got was a blow on my stomach,then the other used a weapon to whip me and I started bleeding out.

To be continued…

Austin is in a great danger….






Episode 22

☺️ Cherry ☺️

” I want you to love me always, stau beside me each day, I want us to grow old together, I want you to be the mother of my children, please Monica come with me”

All I ever wanted Is to be beside you, I can be a slave for your love, my heart is already stolen by you and am ready to be your prisoner for ever my love.

” And cut🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎥🎥🎥📽️🎬”

“Wow , that was beautiful, I love it.”

At least I got the lines, please a glass of water.

I was served a glass of water when all of a sudden it fell off my hand, oops.

Since I finished in time,I think I will be able to surprise my love at the pub tonight, I think I should just go, I miss him already,can’t wait to kiss him and feel him.

His the perfect match for me.

Whenever I go to see him,am always on hood so I won’t be identified by anyone.


I decided to drive in a hurry so I could get there in time,I got inside the pub but Austin was no where to be found.

Who will I ask about him ? What if they recognize me, so looked down when asking a guy when he told me,not quite long he left, oh thank you.

I know Austin will still be around here,then I saw she gang of boys beating up someone. He looks like Austin,I walk closer to the scene,holy shit,it’s my love, they all ran away,he was weak on the ground, bleeding all over.


someone help me please…. His dying,I started crying,then the friends around the pub came to my rescue as we took him to a closer local clinic.

He was taken in to the world and I started having difficulty I’m breathing again, the shock started, oh God save my man, I brought this upon him.

What will I do without Austin been in my life
I took my meds instantly waiting for the doctor response.

I heard some girls say in the hospital is that not Cherry Williams, oh no, don’t tell me they recognized me, while others say that’s not her, she can be seen in a local clinic,she has her man so it’s impossible to see her come here.

Phew,I felt relieved again,that was close.

Then the doctor informed me his awake, I was very happy, infact you can start calling me excitement.

I can’t go in there with empty hands, what if his very hungry, will come back and check on him in his ward, let me just go and get food at a close restaurant for him to eat, I want him out of the clinic today, the doctor told me it wasn’t serious that he just had minor injuries and a severe headache. Who could be behind this?

Don’t tell me it’s my father, Mark I hope you haven’t informed my father about him, if I find out, you will have me to deal with.

I got back to the clinic after getting his food, I entered the ward he was no where to be found, a thought came to me, maybe your father has ended it, my breath issues started again, and I fell on the ground, I think I might pass out where is Austin.

I felt a touch on my back, I turned around, it’s Austin, I stood up immediately to hug him with tears in my eyes.

Please don’t make me worry again, you almost gave me an heart attack.

Come rest on your bed, I brought you food, guess what you won’t be sleeping here.

“But I don’t want this food”

What? I made sure I got you the best food

” I want your food”

I later understood what’s his trying to say, oh Austin, you are so spoilt.

“I just want to feel me in you”


🙂Austin 🙂

👨‍🦰👨‍🦰👨‍🦰 A day before the incident 👨‍🦰👨‍🦰

I was busy at work but I worked very happy because my love is back to my life.

My phone buzz, who could be calling ?

It’s not Cherry



“Hi Austin, meet up with me at the address I just texted to your phone”

Who are you please

Then he hangs up.


I got to the place after work, then I saw about four guys but they covered their faces.

Why do you wish to see me ?

He didn’t say a word, he opened two brief case of lots of money and showed it to me.

” It’s a some order, take this money and stay away from Cherry, you don’t want to ruin her career and if you must know, she has some one well known in her life”

You want me to take this money and stay away

” Good boy, you catch up so easily”

If I refuse your offer,what will happen

” Then you dance to the beat of the drum, you take it the hard way”

I can’t quit my love because of money, to hell with your money.

” Austin if you value your life and care for her, stay away from away, you don’t know the kind of danger you are playing with,get another girl “

Cherry can never be replaced in my life by someone else not even your f**king damn money or any other girl okay.i love her and she loves me too, can’t you get it.

“Austin you are just a pauper and no body, Cherry don’t need a low life in her life , you need to rethink and accept this offer in the next 24 hours,no one ever turn us down”

Then f**king do your worst, you can’t tear us apart, I might be a pauper but I value Cherry more than my own life.

“Then you take it the hard way”

To be continued

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