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I’m used as a s*x toy 😔 

Chapter 17

Author’s pov

Sounds of thunder can be heard in the entire Kingdom in asgard, the grounds were shaking as asap powerful feet walks on it, the winds blew in favour of the powerful one, animals hailed and the plants bowed to the powerful dominant man,

The people of asgard were in terror as they flashed back when their first king was to be crowned. Could it be that the true king is back? Were the questions in their mind…..
Meanwhile Orlando knew his time is near… he quickly dashed into his room and went in search of Lucifer’s mother, when he saw her trying to get escape, he slapped her hard and she fell,

If he’s going to lose then she must die!

He dragged her as they disappeared in another planet known as Mars , he planned to kill her there.

Back at the palace Lucifer’s powerful figure can be seen approaching the execution ground,
His wife who’s pregnant and now in pains due to the stress and torture she’s been through, she was glad he’s back, back for his babies….

She still thought she was nothing but a sex toy for him……

His aura is demanding and graceful as he approach her, with a snap of fingers she was free and now in his arms.

She had missed this, this embrace…..

“I’m back for you my love” He whispered.

Calibrel froze on hearing the declaration of lucifer,

A woman joined them as she hugged lucifer , lucifer in turn kissed her forehead and hugged her back,

Calibrel was upset or better still jealous of the woman, she quickly wrapped herself with him showing the woman a deathly glare,
Lucifer chuckled at the sight of his woman being jealous.

“She’s my sister love” Lucifer told clary.
And again Calibrel blushed at the mention of love.

She apologised to her sister whose name is Ella.

They became friends in that instant…..

It was then shouts can be heard from the people.

“Long live our immortal powerful king” were chants raised by the people with their head bowed.

Calibrel pov

We did not return to earth as I expected , and lucifer has been kind and romantic ever since…

I and Ella were talking in the inner chambers when lucifer walked in,
“Ella have you seen mother” He asked?
“I don’t have a mother ” Ella said with annoyance.

“She realised her mistakes Already ” Lucifer argued.

“I don’t care, and for your information she’s been kidnapped and she’s in Mars with orly right now waiting for her death, she’ll give birth in two hours time and after that she’s gone, so forget you have a mother ” She said and walked away.

Lucifer stormed out of the room angrily.

What’s happening? I asked myself


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