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I’m used as a s*x toy 😔

Chapter 19
Grand finale 😊

Beatrice pov (Lucifer’s mother)

“It all started like this ” I started as tears fall but I managed to keep them at bay beacuse I need to tell them the truth.


Orlando pov

“Your highness what are you up to” I smirked as I asked Beatrice
“I… what….e you doing her….e?” She shuttered, panic was clearly written. On her pretty face,

“Your highness could it be that you’re from earth?” I whispered -yelled.
“Orlando take it easy please don’t shout,I’ll do anything to make you keep this secret please I don’t want to loose anything ” She pleaded.

“No, I’ll make all the citizens of asgard know the kind of taboo their king committed, and the law will take its course, and of course you know what that is…. the king will kill you and your children with his own hands and he’ll be sent on an exile ” He said triumphantly.

“No please don’t do that,I’ll do just anything ” She pleaded as she fell on her kneels.

“I want to be a king!” I said.

“Over my dead body” She sneered.

“Of course you’ll be dead once all the asgardians knows of the sacrilege you committed. I told her and turned to go when she stopped me.

“But you can’t be a king whilst my husband alive” She told me with tears.

“Kill him!” I dropped my utmost wish in life.

Flashback ends.

“I deviced on a way to kill your father, I came to earth as I met with someone who gave me something I could mix with his food so he’ll die in a slow way no one will suspect, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I went to him as I talked to him, he was angry at first,but after knowing the possibility of what might happen to us all, he agreed as he faked his death, I planned with some of my knights they brought him into ghe woods where he stayed till he was killed yesterday. ” I said admist tears.

“As for the baby, it’s your father’s doing, every night Orlando Wants to lay with me, i do request for the light to be turned off, so his wife would come in and I’ll go to meet your father in the woods, Ella if you were not married To that man, you’ll have been dead by now,everything I’d did was to ensure our safety” I cried.

Lucifer’s pov

I felt broken after I heard my moms explanation, I couldn’t hold back my tears as i wept profusely, Ella was shedding tears also including rex.

This we were still doing when she broke into labour.

8 months later

Calibrel pov

I now realised why i was bethrothed to lucifer, my mother and his mother were best of friends when she was still icon earth.

I thought marrying lucifer was the end of me, or better still the beginning of a miserable life.

But he proved me wrong.

It was an eternal journey of bliss.

I thought as I hugged my baby to myself.

“Can i get my wife for an hour” Lucifer whom I now knew his name to be Richard pouts childishly.

“Sure” I giggled like a high school girl who just fell in love.

The end

who else enjoyed this novel?

What lessons do you learnt from this?



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