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I’m used as a s*x toy 😔

Chapter 18

Semi final

Lucifer’s pov

After hearing that my mother is pregnant for that bastard, I couldn’t control my anger, I felt betrayed…
I felt like enjoying my life with no mother, she’s done the formidable and the taboo,
But still….
She’s my mother

I can’t leave her to perish like that, she’s got two hours only, I can’t afford to loose my mother, I thought as I began to remember all those good times, how she read stories at night, how she’ll ruffle my hair when dad get on my nerves, how she’d tell me to rule when i become king.

I can’t leave all of that because of her mistake,I immediately started my journey to Mars,

I journeyed till I was tired,

I met some bastard trying to delay me on my way, I killed them without a second thought, I looked at the time with me,

I’ve got only thirty minutes left else she dies,

There’s no way I’ll get there in thirty minutes, I began looking for a way to get there before the time, but there was none, it’s only Ella that can make it there with me in that time, she’s not willing to save her……

“Brother let’s move we’ve got no time” I heard Ella’s distant voice.

She came,
Yes she came.

Calibrel pov

After witnessing what happened between the two siblings, I couldn’t let mother die, I went to meet rex and pleaded with him,

We went together to meet Ella.
When we got to her room we met her own tears, her eyes were red and puffy.

“Ella” I started

“Do you remember when your mother gave birth to you, remember she gave you all the motherly care you deserved when you were small, remember how she saved you from the wolves when you were lost in the woods on the way to Mars, I think that’s where you met your Prince charming ” I started narrating all the stories I heard from rex when i went to plead with him.

Ella’s head shot up when she heard all this.

I did not stop there.

“She never raised you so you could suffer, she’s got a reason she did all she did, why don’t you save her first then ask her why she did all those terrible things, prove to her you’re still her children ” I said.

And without waiting for their answers I left the room.

A while later I saw them in their armor,I could see my trick worked.

I was happy.

Lucifer’s pov
When we defeated Orlando and his angels, we proceeded to go home, but mom said no,

“Your father died yesterday when Orlando got to know he’s not dead that I was only hiding him” my mom threw the bombshell.

“What the hell is she talking about? ” Ella asked.

“It all started like this” my mother began.

To be continued. ……….

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