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I’m used as a s*x toy 😔

Chapter 15&16

Lucifer’s pov

I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t know when the bitch who claimed to my mother came in, it was clearly shown on my face I loathe her so much, she’s the reason I’m here, she’s the damn reason why father died….
She’s the reason why our generation will soon perish!

“What’s the slut doing here?” I growled angrily,

“I’m here to help you, we need to run from Orlando, as for your wife and sister with your brother, know it that they’re all dead” She said.

I stood up and grabbed her by the neck not minding I was still in chains….
” How dare you filthy thing call my family dead meat” I roared,

It was then I could feel my powers rising, yes I could feel it, they were building up.

“Let’s get out of here” She said and before I could object we were gone already.

We reappeared in a huge scary place.


The legends grave?

“What are we doing here”? I asked her.

“If you want to save your family and your Kingdom, you need the staff, and don’t you forget it’s only the one true king who can be granted the authority and the permission to take the staff ” She said and turned around to leave.

“Wait, why the sudden change “? I asked

“I should at least do something meaningful for my children before I die, I know I’ve done a lot of bad things, and I also know this is not enough, but I’m sorry….. tell this to your family and my daughter especially ” She left before I could even reply her.

I proceeded to take the staff of authority, the place is full of dead bodies, skulls bloods and different parts of the body,

When I got to where the staff was, it was glowing and it’s shining, one would easily know it contains power!

I went towards it as I aimed to take it…..

A strong wind blew as I hit my head on the wall,
I was damn weak, I tried to use my powers, but in this case I was powerless.

“What makes the unworthy one here, to steal the staff?” Came a deep thunderous voice.

“I’m truly unworthy to be here, a bloody animal like me shouldn’t be here, but I have to, I have to save the kingdom and the people you built for many years who wants to be destroyed by Orlando” I said to no one in particular.

“Access granted ” came the voice again, but this time calm.

I went towards it and grabbed the staff,

A new surge of power possessed me that moment, I feel like I was going to die cause it was too much for me.

Not withstanding I survived as I became powerful like the one who found ASGARD.

I need to save my family!


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