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 Book one finale

I HAVE A MATE chapter 44

Star couldn’t describe the emotion whether anger or hatred for looking at the man that was supposed to be her father talk about finishing her just to satisfy his mate

“Really? You would do that for me?” Claudia had a very huge grin on her face with the promise

“Of course, I will do anything for you”¬†

“But you know who she is?” It came out as a question

“Who’s she?” He asked while taking a closer look at Star who equally looked back at him hoping for that small glint of recognition, probably even apologize for leaving her or throwing her away all those years, even a small hint of regret and remorse would have gone a long way but there was nothing in his eyes, nothing at all.

“Well love, She’s your daughter. Starlight”¬†

“Ahhh the mutt, the slut’s kid but I don’t care. You want her dead dear? Then she’ll be dead. The girl Starlight died many years ago to me” He said all this without any emotion

Star felt incredibly hurt, her chest felt tight and she felt pain. Her emotions were coursing through her. 

Philip stood in front of her defensively as the Alpha lunged at her, his eyes were on her neck. He meant to give her a painless death by snapping her cervical nerve or did he mean to knock her out? but there was Philip, her mate and he was ready to fight for her even though he is the second strongest Alpha currently besides her Father, Alphonso who is the strongest and the same man who was currently trying to kill her. Philip lunged at the Alpha who saw the oncoming threat and changed direction midway of his attack to shift into his wolf.

Star stared wide-eyed at the duo fighting, each aiming for the other’s spine and seeing Philip fight to protect her made her very happy, it showed that in the end someone cared for her enough to fight for, love and protect her in this cruel world. She watched Philip fight the Alpha for a while, something seemed off about everything. While Philip was slowly down in his attack to become totally defensive, her father’s… No… Alpha Alphonso’s offensive was increasing on a steady, she looked up to see Karen doing something with her hands and muttering strange words. She was doing something to the Alpha, fortifying him in the battle but what about her Philip? This wasn’t a fair fight at all. Alpha Alphonso was not the strongest Alpha anywhere, he was only being fortified with magic because his mate and wife was a witch, of course she wouldn’t want him to lose so that meant if she could knock… Wait!… Karen was way more powerful, she wouldn’t be able to pull such a stunt but before Star could process her thoughts again, Philip was flung against a tree with a loud thud that had him reverting back to his human form right before her eyes. The formerly silent woods erupted in loud howls of sadness and pain from her pack wolves who were in the clearing (contact: [email protected] for information on Book 2 or for more stories) because even though they knew the enemy and what he could do, they still wanted to fight. Wolves were all about packs, protecting their lands, females and Pups or their Alpha. This was not their land and neither their female nor children were here so they had to protect their Alpha¬†

Star held her chest, crying while her knees gave way and she fell to the floor. Her Philip was unconscious, probably dead and all because he was protecting her

‘Why!?’ she thought

‘Why does this have to happen to me?’¬†




‘Why do only tragic things happen to me?’ she was crying

“Now to finish you off, Nuisance”¬†

He called her a nuisance, he didn’t care for or about her and right now he even wanted to kill her. She needed to defend herself, her mate and the fact that she needed strength to do so we’re the only thoughts flooding her mind.

“What is happening to you?” Karen asked

“Why are you being enveloped by that bright grey light? What is this power I feel?” She was now frantic as she turned to her husband

“Dear, honey finish her!”¬†

Star did not understand what Karen was driving at, all she knew was that she suddenly felt warm in and out but her determination to protect that originated from her hurt from seeing Phil on the floor was still very much present and intensified everytime she looked at her man. She needed to end this people and do it fast.

When she was about to walk towards them, she realized that her feet were no longer touching the ground

“What’s happening to me?” She asked herself and lifted a hand.

“Grrr…grrr” a growl caught her attention, Alphonso’s wolf had been lifted with that small gesture she made.

She put her hand down and used a finger instead, this time lifting the Alpha far higher than his wolf paws could go

“Why did you always hate me?” She asked, “I was your spawn, your child even though my mother wasn’t your true mate… I still came out from you, so why did you have to hate me?” She currently didn’t care about how pitiful she sounded

“You should have cared for and loved me but no, you just had to be a tyrant… Didn’t you?” Her eyes were shining, Lisa and Star had become one in anger. They wanted to make him pay

“This is the end for you and I. You considered me dead to you and I now reciprocate the gesture. I can’t ever call you father again, you are dead to me!” She yelled


Lucas watched from the hill far away where he had been rooted from the beginning, he realized there that Star wasn’t the one speaking but something stronger or maybe someone far more stronger resembling a god was fighting for her. From what he knew these powers manifesting through her were putting a strain on her body but then again he couldn’t interfere just yet so he could only watch as she hit Alphonso repeatedly on the ground till he was a mere inch from his life then she left him.


By the time she had regained her senses, Star was exhausted and had no strength left again but she still needed to make sure Philip was ok. Her wolf hadn’t gone ballistic so she knew he was alive only just unconscious¬†

“Philip, Phil are you alright?” She crawled to his side the moment she saw him stir, his lower area was covered with leaves. Must have been the wind from when she was enveloped by that strange light.

Holding his face in her hand, she connected their foreheads “listen to me, I can’t lose you just yet” she whispered

“And I can’t lose you either. I have to protect you and our little one” he said weakly

“Our child? I’m pregnant?… I’m pregnant, Philip we are having a baby” She was smiling so brightly that you won’t be able to tell how exhausted she was. Suddenly her eyes widened in realization, Philip looked at her perplexed even though his gaze was weak

“Philip, our child protected us. It helped me defeat Alphonso” She said with tears

“Are you sure?” He asked¬†

“Yes, I feel it” she confirmed


“Oh, how wonderful. You are pregnant” Karen said with glee but her eyes were dead holding no emotions at all

“Karen, just give it all up. This war? It’s over now” Star said calmly, the whole situation had made her a lot more stronger

“No. It is not over till I say so” So much venom in her words, Both Star and Philip had chills instantly.

“What did you do to my husband? My daughter is already in that state and now you dared hurt my man. What did you do you mutt? I’ll kill you” she suddenly appeared in front of them with her claw-like nails

“Kill? You can’t kill her” a soft and determined voice said from behind

“Who are you this time?” Karen asked with rage as she turned to look at the woman

“My identity is not for a low-life to access” the woman said

“Begone!” And just like that, Karen was flung against so many trees with tremendous force till she stopped at an odd angle on a branch.

Alphonso who was unconscious must have felt her death through his wolf because he woke up with a scream and then he was on a mindless rampage

Before he could make his first kill, warriors filled the clearing each properly armed in silver coated weapons. Star recognized their scent from anywhere, they were from the Soul Lifting Pack which meant that Darlington was near

“Well if it isn’t a surprise at how powerful you have become” he clapped his hands as he entered with the last of his warriors. “I saw your eruption of light”¬†

“What are you doing here?”¬†

“A slave like you could reach such power, I find that hard to believe. I’m here to take the life of the man that made my life a nuisance for a long time” he said with a sinister smile

“What do you mean?” Star hated this man but she couldn’t hate him

“Well… That’s not a story for you to know. Perhaps one day, you would know” he sighed “now we kill him before he wipes out a few packs in his rage”¬†

She watched as the man who gave life to her had his life taken away by warriors from another pack.

She looked towards where Amber was laying and found her missing.

“Her mate must have taken her” the voice of the woman earlier

“Who are you?” Star was curious to know

“I’m a witch and my name is Belialuin ” she said with a smile

“Thank you Belialuin, can you help us with clothes?” She was still putting on Zeke’s coat and Philip was only covered in leaves

“That’s easy but you have to let me join your pack because an evil greater than you is coming and a power bigger than you will come too” Belialuin said with determination

“How would you know that”¬†

“I saw a vision and you need me to help you guys”¬†

Star looked at Philip who gave her a nod 

“Welcome to the Pack” Star beamed¬†

“Ok now… Let’s go home. Our people are waiting”¬†

“Also your child is a girl, you’ll be sure in a few days” Belialuin said with glee

“Hahaha, Star’s copy I hope” Philip said as they walked home

Sam and the other joining them.


NOTE: I HAVE A MATE ends with an Epilogue. Book 2 will be out by January 

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