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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia (Epilogue)




It has been a month since the battle or rescue and so far no one has seen or heard about Amber. Philip married Star on the day of the Luna introduction ceremony, after two long years and even though She didn’t care about the title, she was honestly grateful to the pack members for accepting her.

Maria had followed her mate on a journey back to his original pack, she was sad at first because she missed her sister figure but it was for the best.

Now she sat down with Philip on a bench in the backyard discussing about the past two months and the visions Belialuin always had everytime

“You know she had another one this morning and instead of saying what exactly, she said it as a riddle again” She sighed

“What did she say about this vision?” Philip asked

“A power filled with evil will come but a greater power will fight it or something like that” She sighed again, which had Philip reaching out to hold her hands

“A greater power will it be good or bad?” She asked him as if he knew 

“Well, we’d have to ask her later” He said

“Well that puts me at ease” she said with sarcasm

Philip didn’t feel offended, instead he was happy that she got more playful and could now show more of her emotions and even crack a joke or two to ease dire situations

“Baby, you know what would really put you at ease?” He leaned into her ears

“What?” She was blushing

“Moving” he whispered and her eyes widened, she turned to hit him

“You shouldn’t call me baby, we’re expecting one. Think about her feelings” His tone had insinuated that he would suggest something else but no, he suggested moving

“In due time” he smiled

“Why are we moving and where to?” She asked him

“We need more land and more space so we can train our daughter better” he said hoping she could get the hidden message

“Yes… I see your point, we need more training facilities and more land for the pack expansion” as usual she understood him fast


“How about going closer to the city just like Alphonso’s pack?” She suggested

“Interaction with humans?” He asked just to get her talking more. He loved how her eyes lit up when she knew someone was listening

“Yes. We could make use of their facilities and our daughter could go to a school that’s not just for the pack and she could make a lot of friends too” she smiled touching her belly. No baby bump but the mini heartbeat was audible now.

“Alright, that sounds good. We should go inside and tell everyone” he stood up and helped her up then they walked hand in hand to the sitting room mindlinking Sam about the plan so he could assemble the pack.

“That’s a good idea, Alpha… Luna” Belialuin bowed in greeting and of course she came out of nowhere as usual.

“Hello” they both chorused

“But before you get to moving or addressing the pack, you must meet someone first as in one of my visions and right now, it seems” she informed

“Who is this person?” Star asked 

“That would be me” a masculine voice said from behind them. A voice she would never forget and luckily she didn’t shiver from it anymore

“Lucas?” She turned to face him

“Lucas” Philip said with distaste

“Alpha Philip, nice to see you again” he nodded to Philip who only held Star closer

“What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in two months” tears were in her eyes but she was stronger now so she wouldn’t cry

“I was prohibited from showing face at the clearing” he sighed

“Why?” Philip asked him

“You see, Star would have died if I came 5 feets from her” he explained

“I don’t understand” Philip said with a growl

“That’s where I come in to explain” Belialuin said as she closed the curtain and put out the light with a wave of her hands.

When the room was dark enough, she nodded at Lucas to go nearer to Star amidst Philip’s growl of protest

Her belly began to give out a grey light and it became brighter as Lucas got closer.

“What’s happening?” Star asked feeling a little tired

“I feel her” Lucas said calmly

“You feel…?” Philip asked with raised brows

“My chosen or as wolf-people like to say, my mate. Your daughter, I’m connected to her” he sighed

“Why’s this happening?” Star asked, confusion written on her face

“She possesses the power of the goddess in her” 

“No… Why is she your mate?” Philip asked with a growl

“You see Star, you made a big mistake when you rejected the moon goddesses powers both will and might” Belialuin explained , “no one was imposed upon to pass on those powers to you. The founding wolf spirits chose you of their own accord and Claudia simply put that into her plan”

“That doesn’t explain why Lucas is here and my daughter glows like a light bulb” Philip was loosing his patience

“Well, the next moon goddess must come from your bloodline and seeing as how you rejected the position, your child is the next in line” She finished


“Huh?” Star replied

“What did you say,?” Philip asked

“Hati Mingana, that’s her name” Lucas said

“And now she’s Luca’s chosen so she chose him to name her” Belialuin said

“Alright I guess I can deal with that” Philip sighed

“Lucas you know that you have to go and come back only when the time is right” Belialuin explained

“Can I at least say my farewell?” He asked Star

She looked at Philip for permission and he nodded

“Sure” she agreed

Lucas went close and touched her belly. The first light was dull compared to the one that was being emitted, everyone had to close their eyes and when the light dimmed out, he was gone.

“Now, we can move and start anew while the storm brews” Belialuin said gleefully before disappearing

“Wait… No body explained why my daughter glows” Philip said with exaggerated inquisitiveness

“Phil, our daughter is special” Star commented with a smile as a tear slid down her face. Once again, she had made a mistake and this time it would affect her daughter who was yet to be born but she would help her overcome. 

“Yea, Darling” he wiped the tear from her face and kissed her forehead, ” She’s Special”.


The end

Book 2 will be out next year or the year ahead 😅