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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 3

You’d think they will let me prepare food for the guests… Of course not, Alpha Darlington had a clear instruction for the ceremony, ‘only pack Omegas may touch or prepare the food made for the Ceremony, I don’t want them smelling a slave or they’ll take that we treat them poorly.’ those were his exact words


Despite being relieved of her duties due to the upcoming activities, Star had an unsettling in the pit of her stomach, she couldn’t get her thought on it and did not let it bother her.


     After she had swept and mopped the house clean, she went to the kitchen to do the dishes which the Alpha and Beta just left while the laundry was getting done in the laundry room. She scrubbed the sink and scraped the pot bottoms, after which she went to fold the laundry.


It was past 10 pm before She sighed in satisfaction at her job well done. She lazily walked to her basement room retiring for the night.


             *             *              *


        ‘she was running at an amazing speed and she felt a feeling that wasn’t familiar to her in a long time, she felt Free. She couldn’t feel sweat or being tired, she was enjoying her race. A glance at her surroundings you could tell that she was in the woods and sounds of running water could be heard nearby. .  . A stream was up ahead. Propping herself forward she ran towards the water because water was life and she needed life. Crouching down to take a sip, she stepped back in fright at her reflection in the clear water, what was that about? She slowly approached the water and was greeted by the sight of a Dark Brown wolf staring back at her with almost burgundy colored eyes a shade of thick brown in them. The wolf was beautiful and she reached out to touch it’s reflection in water and realized that she didn’t have hands but paws. What was happening to her? Before she could comprehend the question, give herself an answer or sense the approaching figure, Star was slammed into the stream, cold water hitting her back as she whimpered.’ 


She gasped for air sitting up in her bed awake from her nightmare just as another bucket of cold water splashed on her.


Looking up at the blonde girl who dared to treat her this way, Star almost cursed at Brie, an Omega who was very annoying as it seems. She stared down at Star with anger evident in her eyes


“You can’t really be more ungrateful, will you still sit there enjoying the cold showers or will you go get breakfast ready? I just took my time to wake you up and all you can do is glare at me?” She snarled.


Star hadn’t realized she was glaring until the last question. She sighed a faint ‘sorry’, Brie hissed and stormed out of the small room giving Star some time to change, while muttering “no one wants to eat food prepared by someone who smells like wet dog.”


       Brie looked at her reflection in the mirror, Her brown hair was long and her eyes were sad. Today was her 17th birthday but no one knew.


She didn’t remember ever celebrating it only that she was with her mum always. Tears threatened to spill, but she wouldn’t cry because she was strong.


Remembering that she was to make breakfast, she quickly changed her clothes and brushed her hair hurrying to the kitchen.


She made bacon, toasts and eggs for breakfast and after setting it on the table, proceeded to distributing the already done laundry from the previous day all along ignoring the burning sensation and pain coursing through her body.

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