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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 3 (II)

At midnight, Star woke up to a sharp pain in her spine. She dashed to the bathroom as it shot through her again as if sending a signal to her brain. A very painful signal and her back was on fire.


  She washed her face and raising her head up to stare at the half mirror which she had happened to pick up a month back, she looked at her reflection as it stared at her too but only her eyes were different. The eyes staring back at her were not her usual large Brown eyes but a very dark shade of gold and she felt like she could see anything and everything.

Bending down to wash her face just to be sure, but her eyes had returned to normal. She decided to go back to sleep.


She couldn’t. The pain was too much and now her hearing had heightened. Her sense of smell too.


Then she realized what was happening to her. She had often heard about it from the pack members, happy parents and siblings or friends or just random pack members. She heard of this process, it was very painful. She had heard about it, the transformation. Then she knew… She was shifting.


Her temperature had picked up in the last hour and she couldn’t do anything about it as the pack doctor had never done a check up on her so she had no drugs.

She had a serious fever, but she knew it wasn’t.


She was used to pain since she came into this pack, her hands had been broken before and she had fixed it herself a day later after realizing that no doctor or pack member would help her so the pain in her spine and joints wasn’t really bothering her apart from the occasional sharp one that seemed to be moving from her head to her waist.


   Since no one in the pack knew that she had Alpha genes, she decided that she wasn’t going to shift in their presence. She then sneaked out of the house careful not to make a sound due to everybody already being wolves.

Due to her increased hearing and right before she walked out of the house, she could tell that somewhere in the house, someone was being brought to ecstasy.


Making her way to the woods in the very quiet night, Star prayed in her heart for the moon goddess to protect her from being discovered. The leaves rustled underneath her bare feet as she made her way deeper into the woods. She could hear crickets and frogs, she could also hear the buzzing in the wings of the insects. More pain was coursing through her and she really wanted relief. It wasn’t supposed to take much time to shift, but it had been two hours of pain and she had not transformed.


  Sitting down under a tree, She prayed that it shouldn’t last till dawn because the Ceremony starts by Noon. Everyone would be very busy and she didn’t want to risk being seen. By this time, she had already slipped of her garment and crouched to her knees as a more excruciating pain shot through her entire body leaving her weak for some seconds then very faintly, she heard the cracking of bones.


‘hello Star’ .  .  .


She had begun to panic, thinking that someone had discovered her as she heard the voice.


‘*don’t panic Star, I’m inside you’


‘Who are you?’


‘I’m your Wolf half, My name is Monalisa’


‘how are you talking to me?’


‘Relax, Star. I can hear your thoughts just as you can hear mine. I’ll guide you in some aspects of your life as time comes.’


‘ok, thank you’


‘its ok, I’m very much glad to help my human half, so now Star let’s take our first run. I’ll guide you*’


… And she did. She took her first steps as a wolf, starting out wobbly before she eventually took off running and she couldn’t explain her feeling at that moment. It was a feeling that was lost to her, something she hadn’t experienced in a long time.


She felt Free.

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