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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 2

Chapter 2


Tears streamed down my face as I remembered that day I was sold. I was brought here to the Soul Lifting Pack. Ten years had passed and I still remembered it like it happened yesterday.


I have been abused in this pack everyday since I came here I wasn’t raped thankfully. A little girl I was, started scrubbing the floors and eating only leftovers from the table.

I was introduced to them (the pack) as the Pack house slave but in due time, I became a slave for the entire pack community. of course I didn’t get a room of my own. *I slept in the basement without a bed just rags and old blankets thrown away, there was a mini bathroom in the basement luckily for me and that’s where I took my bath and tidied up myself.


Years went by… till ten years were completely passed and I had a mini property of thrown out goods which I found useful for myself*.


“Slave”, I heard the familiar voice of the Alpha, Darlington tell in his Alpha tone it jolted me from my thoughts, I scurried to his office in fear not because the Alpha voice affected me (I obviously had Alpha blood in me but no one in this pack knew or the other pack because it was to be kept secret so my Father wasn’t put to shame) but because I was afraid of being beaten again today.




Everyone in the pack had taken to calling me ‘slave’ even the Omegas who were supposed to do the work in the pack (they’re the weakest of course) but it didn’t bother me at all as long as no one hit me but they still insulted me on my looks at most because of how unkept I looked.


I knocked and heard a gruff “Come in” command before I pushed the door open bowing my head to the Alpha and his mate, Luna Chrystal who was adjusting her dress (I must have interrupted their heated make out session).


“Make lunch for my Beta and I”, he voiced


“Yes Alpha but what do I make”, and I was instantly rewarded with a slap as reply. I hadn’t fully realized myself before my other cheek was swatted again and this time it was almost deafening. I looked up to see a stupid smirk on Chrystal’s face. she slapped me and if anyone asked now I don’t know why.


“You pesky pest, your father and pack rejected you, our pack had decided to accept you, giving you a home and you dare question us?, Tell me you don’t have a death wish she ranted… But then I zoned out to that horrible day which I was ripped away from my mother’s side replaying every detail and fresh hot tears threatened to spill, clouding my vision.


“Quick make spag and meatballs, don’t dare tasting from it” she commanded jolting me from my thoughts.


I nodded and hurried out the door not before sparing a glance at Alpha Darlington as he snickered before pulling his mate to his lap attacking her face in a kiss.


will I ever get experience that kind of Romance?


Coming back to take comfort in the kitchen felt so right, I had faint memories of mum cooking and that’s how I knew how to cook what I could.

I put the spaghetti to boil and started to chop and cut the ingredients for the sauce, once I was done I took two meatball packs, opened and fried them (it’s bought the same way you buy frozen meat). Just as I was mixing the Spag with the sauce, I felt a flick at the back of my neck.  .  . I froze in place 

Turning to Beta Bright, I bowed slightly but I couldn’t ignore the gleam in his eyes, this idiot was in a good mood and I was happy about it because that meant that I wasn’t receiving much Bully from any pack member tonight, once the Beta is happy, it meant good news. 

I watched him stride to the Alpha office and knew then that I should start to set the table. 

Several minutes passed, Darlington and Bright came out of the office with Chrystal following suit, they were all happy… To say I felt relieved would be an understatement.

After they had taken their seats, I started to dish the food out alongside their favorite drinks to accompany the food while they continued their merry discussion. 

After serving the food, I started to leave the kitchen and their premises. I heard the word Soul Lifting Ceremony. so that’s why he was happy.


                 *     *      *


Let me brief you on the Soul Lifting Pack and this Ceremony.

When I first got here, I was shoved into the pack house by one of the men who I came to figure out was Beta Bright, along with the Gamma known as Lutha. 

As days turned into weeks and months went by, I started to notice that once in every six months, they performed a ceremony where other interested packs attended and the women would shift and run under the full moon while the men did the same but not after sparring with each other in human form.

As you have guessed, the ceremony only took place on a full moon. At first, I was enstranged to their customs but I soon got used to it because I was always beaten after the ceremony ended and it lasted for five days. That means I was free for five days to heal from previous abuse

During this ceremony, I got new thrown out clothes and other accessories, just to make me look presentable as a maid to the external packs. Then I was ordered to go back to my room after I had set the tables. None of the external pack members who attended ever saw me.

I remembered one Time when I had spoken to the Alpha to let me  wander around just to be familiar, I was beaten to a pulp with kicks and punches. I usually had bruises around my eye and neck with a burst lip as evidence.

I made mental notes with myself never to ask or request anything from the Alpha because I was just a slave in his eyes.

During the Soul Lifting Ceremony every time, I was reminded of the fact that I wouldn’t ever find my mate as I was always locked away.  I would probably live a very bitter life forever, never meeting my mother or finding a mate.


As you have guessed, I started vigorous cleaning of the house and washing after the ceremony was announced officially.  It just meant more work for me.


I went about my work, humming my mother’s favorite words to me as a song. Even though I had forgotten how they looked like (my parents) or the road back home.   .   .


‘you are a a light 


that’s why I named you Starlight Baby, 


you’ll always shine Bright 


and no one will ever change that’


.  .  . thus, I have never forgotten my name. After these words.



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