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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 16

She woke up to a hand gently stroking her hair, her cheeks down to her neck leaving a tingly trail of fire in its wake and a herd of butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t want it this to end so she decided to just lay there and savor the feeling while pretending to sleep.


“I know you are awake,” a deep morning voice asked then he pecked her forehead.


She hummed and her eyes fluttered open, “how’d you know?”


When she was in the Soul lifting pack and she had been beaten to stupor, she feigned sleep or losing of consciousness to avert more work for some hours while she recuperated so definitely she was good at this pretending but how could he tell that she was awake?


“We have a bond silly, I can tell you are awake by the burst of energy and definitely aroused too,” he drawled causing her cheeks to stain red.


“Someone sounds lazy this morning” she chuckled 


“I couldn’t help it, you were just too sweet” he said


“Or maybe, you are just insatiable” she added.


“Want to confirm that?” He pulled her to himself


“No, you have work to do” she was shy, he loved seeing her shy.

She was adorable.


“What kind of work do you want me to do?”


“Pack related”


“I want to work you”

She blushed crimson


“Come on, let’s shower”. He lifted her off the bed, bridal style.


While tugging at him to let her go, he carried her to the bathroom and their morning was history.



‘Alpha, we are under attack. They’re passed the border and headed towards the elderly homes’ Sam reported


She watched as his eyes glazed over, someone was mindlinking him.


She was to be officially crowned Luna of the pack tomorrow and she was a nervous wreck, Philip’s Parents and his only sister, Maria were already staying at the pack house.


Maria was very nice and friendly, She was unmated but she wasn’t inexperienced in the sexual department so she always teased Star about it. She wasn’t shy to talk about the stuff too but Star wasn’t ready to share her experience with Philip to anyone, it was her memories to cherish that’s why she always ignored her when she asked about it.


Now they were together this evening, She and Philip, enjoying the cool breeze when he received the report.


“Darling, I have to go. The south border was attacked and the infiltrators were headed towards the elderly homes’, I’ll be back before midnight, ok?” He asked


She nodded and just like that he was gone.


She was lonely again for the evening. These attacks were becoming rampant and she wanted to fight alongside Philip but she couldn’t argue back at him when he said she was to stay back home with the other women.


‘we have alpha genes and traits. We can handle ourselves, why won’t he let us fight alongside him?’ Lisa paced inside her


‘I really don’t know, it must have something to do with their dominance as wolf males.’ Star shrugged


“What are you so occupied discussing about?” A giddy voice asked, obviously perked up for conversation but Star wasn’t really in the mood.


“I was discussing with my other half” she replied


“Phil? But he was just here a while ago, where is he by the way?” Maria asked


“Oh no, you misunderstood me. I wasn’t talking to Philip, I was conversing with my wolf half” she explained laughing a bit


“Oh, so that’s it. What were you girls discussing? Your rendezvous with Phil or the coronation tomorrow?” She perked


“Well it’s partially related to the coronation. I can’t wait to reduce some work for him. Especially with the frequent attacks and infiltrators. I’m worried about him” and she really was.


“Well, I can tell that you are worried. Tomorrow, you can officially take the burden you know and FYI, I’m doing your make-up and picking your dress” She beamed.


Star shook her head at the glow in her in-law’s eyes. Maria was the sister she never had.


Sure she had step siblings, three for that matter but they never cared about her.


“Let’s go prepare dinner.” Maria beaconed on her with a smile.


They went hand in hand arguing whether to make muffins or cream cheese sandwich for snacks.


At the Southern border, Philip, Sam and a few warriors including the twins, had succeeded in capturing three of the invaders and about seven bodies were on the ground, these opponents were rather weak than the previous ones but these three had a message. 


“We must meet your Luna.” The first guy spoke while hissing in pain as his jaw was broken.


“No, you’ll not see her”, Philip said in his Alpha tone and that shut him up, although he did spare the young Alpha a glare.


“Please, just let me go. I don’t even want to be here” the third guy said. He had the build of a Delta but why was he among the rogues?


Philip was confused, just then a blade sliced through upper left arm. It was a very tiny blade coated in silver.


He didn’t know where the blade had come from, he growled in pain and alert as he puhislled the blade out.


His Beta and the warriors taking position beside him ready to attack.



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