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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 15

***slight mature content***


After his explaination, she seemed to finally understand and she bounced in excitement as she exclaimed


“Oh… I see”, he swallowed.


Was the movement really necessary?, “Star, you can stop moving now.” He said.


She blushed and dropped her head to avoid his gaze. She acted like a baby these days.


He wasn’t complaining though because he found her actions cute.


The heat that was once spread throughout her body was now settled in her stomach and her cheeks too not forgetting the fact that she was soaked with a certain liquid in between her lady parts.


“Philip, shouldn’t we continue with it?” She asked and he almost choked on the water he was drinking.


“Y..yes we should only when you are ready”, he replied.


Very shyly, she connected her lips with his, taking him by surprise once again. He responded to the kiss after a minute.


She didn’t know what next to do and she needed more… More action, more movement or even anything so she did the only thing she could think of.


She shifted, a gasp escaping her lips at the friction the action caused and she could hear him groan.


Was he in pain?


She detached from him and gazed at him with concern.

“Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”


“No, I’m fine. I was actually enjoying that” he pouted and he looked adorable.


Then they continued, his hands searching, exploring and working her body while she shivered and moaned, gasping at interval whenever tongue and teeth were involved.


She needed to touch, so she traced his abs with her hands, and his biceps, sparks igniting with touch sending more tingles to her already throbbing core.


When did he become shirtless?


He was hanging onto a thread of his self control at the moment and her touching was not helping, he wanted this first time to be memorable for her.


He layed her on the bed and hovered over her, making sure that this was really what she wanted.


She pulled him back to her and changed the angle of the kiss wanting to be closer to him as if that was possible. 


That was all the confirmation he needed from her, he resumed his work on her body, finding his mark on her neck, he kissed it


Pleasure erupted from that spot as she arched her back in anticipation for something, she just didn’t know what, so she let him possess her.


Soon all their clothing had been dispelled leaving them unclad as his hands found the spot between her folds as he worked on her mound, caressing it and preparing her  for him.


He was large in that aspect so wanted to take his time not to hurt her and when he was finally in, he lost himself in her sweetness


At first she felt pain from the penetration and cried out


“Ah!”, a single tear slipped down and he kissed it away. He wasn’t moving.


“Has it ended?”, She asked him hoping it had not because some of the pack women who were around her sometimes had told her of a certain euphoric feeling that came with this conquest.


“No Darling, we’re just starting” and with that said, he began to move


The pain soon turned to pleasure as she let out moans and scratched his back when he went faster


He alternated the movement, going painstakingly slow sometimes and plummeting fast most times.


Her core tightened in anticipation for released and she flicked her tongue on the mark she had given him


Lisa had taken over and so had his wolf


They were each fighting for dominance. Sometimes she would be at the top riding and other times he was plunging her deep into oblivion


She was so close and the words he was saying we’re such turn ons. He was going faster than normal and Lisa liked it every way.


“I love you” she moaned, she didn’t know when that left her mouth but she knew it was true.


“I love you too Baby” he groaned and he meant it every word. He would cherish this girl in his arms, he said, with a final thrust, they reached Euphoria both breathing on their marks on each other as they savored the feelings of their encounter.



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