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🐺 I HAVE A MATE by N.C Sonia ep 1

Chapter 1


“Star, Baby come here”, six year old me with large Brown eyes and Brown hair ran out to my mother wearing a flair blue dress and cotton candy in my hands. I was as cheerful as always. Mum was Beautiful and had a melodious voice, you could never tell when she was hurting with that smile that was always on her face. She was Dad’s Mistress (mated with Dad after her true mate died from blood cancer and Dad had not found his mate yet) but I’m sure a six year old like me doesn’t understand that word. Mistress

I ran over to where she sat, “Mummy, why you crying?” I’m sure my innocent voice was what made her chuckle. 

“I’ll miss you Star. Never forget Mommy loves you no matter what happens”, she said amidst sobs. I didn’t understand anything but I started to cry as she was crying but then she hugged me to her and wiped away the tears with her thumb.

“Are you going somewhere Mommy?, Can I go with you?”, I pouted.

“No Baby, it’s your Journey not Mine”. I started to cry again and only stopped when I was engulfed in a large warm hug. Mum was crying too.


                      *   *    *


“She’s too young to go without her mother. She hasn’t had her first shift yet, please don’t take my baby from me, I’ll do anything.” I could hear Mum and Dad arguing. I couldn’t understand a word. I only heard him some minutes later as he was beating her and she was begging till she fainted . A tear fell on my pillow I was crying.

My door was roughly flung open and I whimpered staring at the Man who was my Father. The Alpha of Moon falls pack, Alpha Alonso. He looked at me with distaste and in his Alpha voice “let’s go at once, your mum is waiting”. I was happy to hear the word, mum. I hurriedly put on my slippers and followed my Dad hoping to hug mummy till she stopped crying. 

We weren’t close since I was born and I yearned for the closeness that’s why I was very happy when he placed his hands on mine, it was a harsh grip but I didn’t mind at all. I skipped alongside him happily as we headed towards the northern border of our pack.

I then looked up from the floor as we had halted and saw four big men in black and the aura I got from them wasn’t entertaining to me instead it frightened me so I started to cry and tugged at my Dad’s arm a little saying “Mum isn’t here, can we go back, they look scary”, I was pleading with him. He only scoffed and continued leading me towards the werewolves at our border. When we got there, my Dad threw me at them and left. I had started crying already.

They bowed to him as he turned to leave saying, “Glad doing Business with you, Alpha” what business were they talking about, I was sobbing silently wishing for my mummy.

Alonso replied “Do as you wish, I don’t want to ever see her, I hope our packs can be allies from henceforth as long as you keep to that part of the bargain” then he left without another glance my way

It dawned on the little me then that I had been sold. I was in between tears as they picked me up and carried me to the car. I remembered my Mum’s favorite words to me,  “Anytime you feel sad or down my lovely, always remember that Mummy loves you and you are a a light that’s why I named you Starlight Baby, you’ll always shine Bright and no one will ever change that.”  I started to cry, how could he be so heartless, I’m his daughter. what about Mum, I miss her, she was all I ever had. Was this what she meant? did she know? I thought before I let the darkness cloud my vision as I fell asleep on the long journey to my new Home. I didn’t even know where home is anymore.

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